For many people, a new year means resolutions. And for one Massachusetts town, that means doing away with disposable plastic water bottles.

According to the EPA, in 2010, the U.S. generated 31 million tons of plastic waste. The town of Concord is fighting against those numbers by becoming the first municipality in the nation to ban the sale of single-serving water bottles smaller than 1 liter. Following a vote in April, the town ban went into effect on New Year’s Day.

The bill is largely the result of the hard work of town resident Jean Hill, 84. Back in 2010, she Hill told the New York Times, “I’m going to work until I drop on this.” She added: “If you believe in something, you have to persist and you have to have a thick skin.” Hill spearheaded two previous  — though failed — attempts to ban the bottles before the April measure passed the Town Council. She told the Boston Globe that she was “elated” after the bill passed, noting, “I’m so proud of the town.’”

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