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Auto Ship Terms & Conditions

Auto Ship Terms and Conditions


By agreeing to the AutoShip program you agree to have the quantity ordered on the day of the agreement reshipped automatically when the purchased product is due for replacement. (1200A Combo Filter- every 6 months,  7100/7000 EC1270 Tri media filter every 6 months, 7100/7000 HEPA Filter- every 12 months) . By entering into the AutoShip program you will save 20% on every order plus free shipping until you decide to cancel. For AutoShip discounts to be valid you must stay in the program for at least 2 shipments or the discounted price and free shipping will be billed to the card used at the start of the AutoShip Program. The AutoShip program is only available in the continental US.

If any problems arise with the shipping address or payment method associated with your subscription order, we will notify you via e-mail or phone using the information associated with your subscription asking that you resolve the problem to reactivate your subscription. Your subscription will be placed on hold and no additional orders will be processed or shipped until the problem has been resolved.

If any AutoShip item is not available on the day it is scheduled to be shipped, we will notify you of the delay and will attempt to fulfill the order each day.

If any AutoShip item is no longer available, we will notify you and automatically suspend your subscription for that item. No additional orders associated with that subscription will be placed.

If we are not able to send any item of your order because of a problem with your account, including failed or denied credit cards, we will notify you via e-mail or phone using the e-mail address or phone number associated with your subscription. In such case, your AutoShip subscription will be automatically suspended and no additional AutoShip orders will be processed or shipped until the problem has been corrected.

The total cost charged to your credit card for each AutoShip order will be the cost of the item on the day the order is processed less the AutoShip discount, plus any applicable sales tax. Please note that once an order has shipped, it is considered the property of the customer.

Your subscription and any related AutoShip discount(s) will remain in effect until you cancel your subscription by email or call Customer Service at 1-800-959-0708. If you want to cancel, you will need to do so 10 days prior to your next AutoShip processing date. If you cancel after 10 days prior to your AutoShip processing date you will be billed and responsible for product shipped. Your cancellation will then go into effect and you will no longer be charged for AutoShip Products.