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1200CRF NSA Replacement Combo Filter Set for 1200 Air Filter
1200CRF NSA Replacement Combo Filter Set for 1200 Air Filter

1200CRF NSA Replacement Combo Filter Set for 1200 Air Filter

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1200CRF - Combo Air Replacement Filter for NSA 1200A Environmental Air System. This Combo Replacement Set contains one 3M Brand Filtrate Electrostatic Media and one EC-1270 Tri-Media Filter. The Electrostatic Filtration Media is a type of mechanical screen filter. Manufactured from polypropylene fibers, this filter develops an electrostatic charge as air rushes through the filter. This charge helps hold the trapped particulates within the filter. The EC-1270 Tri-Media is the NSA trademark for the mixture of absorbents used in our odor/gas removal filters. It is made up of three different absorbents, one of which is granular activated carbon. This proprietary blend is designed to remove a broad spectrum of odors found in the environment including cooking/kitchen odors, pet odors, bathroom odors, and odors associated with cleaning compounds.

Measures: Length - 8 1/4" , Height - 4 3/4"
Suggested Replacement Period: 6 Months


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Rating Reliable old school type filter
I have 2 NSA air filters that I have had for over 20 years and they still work great! I just replace the filters when needed. I like that there is nothing digital on them that can go wrong.Originally I bought them to use in my acupuncture clinic because I burned moxa there which made a lot of smoke, but the filters did an excellent job of eating the smoke. Now I am retired and just like having them in my home for clean air. Also I have a pet bird and I know clean air is especially important for birds.
  Reviewed by:   from 729 La Cana St., Cupeville, WA. on 2/27/2021
Rating Owner manager of Mirror Image Salon
I am very happy with the filters and the service I received!! Thank You SO much
  Reviewed by:   from Columbus, ohio. on 6/19/2020
Rating Works fine
These filters do a great job and are easy to install.
  Reviewed by:   from Santa Rita, Guam. on 5/11/2020
Rating Reliable filters
Easy installation
  Reviewed by:   from Ann Arbor, Mi. on 6/2/2019
Rating Two decades in...
I have used my air filter since the mid 90's. It goes on and on. From the used filters, it's obvious how well it works. Highly recommend...a product NOT made to break down as so many are these days!
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 10/2/2018
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