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1000K-AF Counter Top Air Filter
NSA 1000K-AF Counter Top Air Filter

1000K-AF Counter Top Air Filter

Part Number 1010K
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1000K-AF Counter Top Air Filter

1000K-AF, Counter Top Air Filter, HEPA, Activated Carbon, Ozone, ion generator and optional fragrance chamber.

This Air Filter is perfect for a small office or small room to keep your air clean and fresh - 24 hours a day. 

Effective Area: 100-125 square Feet.
Compact round design, 7" diameter and 6" height
Ionization or Ozone-switchable , Press the O1 (green light ) to use the negative ion function: or press the O3 (red light ) to use the ozone function.

The Water Marque Ionic Air Purifier releases negative ions or ozone into the air and features a super-quiet fan and compact HEPA + Active carbon filter. This unit helps to remove the dust and freshen the air in your room effectively. The negative ions purify the air by making the airborne particles too heavy to remain airborne, while the ozone removes the germs and odors. The HEPA + Active carbon filer can be replaced by a fragrance can.

ASK about our Air Time Specials!!!

**This item (1000AF) has a 90 days warranty from the date of the invoice. This warranty will include any manufacture defects. If the warranty date has expired, we're unable to offer you any compensation. Please understand this 90 days warranty is also enforce with air unit 7000AF.

**Any RETURNS and/or EXCHANGES will only be excepted with UNUSED and NON-DAMAGE filters within 30 days from the invoice date.

The Size of this Unit is about the size of a Cantaloupe HOWEVER the unit is extremely effective like the 1200a but with technology items are smaller and more effective, therefore taking up much less space.
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